Regina Karoline Schueller

Interim Executive for your

Supervisory Board Member



Strategic corporate development through communication

Putting words into action, moving forward with purpose. Never losing sight of the strategy, always keeping an eye on the customers’ needs, on the goals and motivations of all stakeholders, seeing the organisation as a whole, and thereby engaging the management team and the employees – that’s me, that’s how I approach issues and implement them consequently.

As interim executive I am responsible for strategic and integrated corporate communications, corporate governance issues, change management and crisis management. My goal is to be a strategic partner in the development and advancement of companies.

In addition, I accept mandates as a qualified supervisory board member.

As a certified mediator, I provide support in conflict resolution, balancing interests, moderating points of view. It is about people and finding solutions. I carry out this role also outside of my mandates.

Communication is my passion. Out of conviction.


Stable and resilient basis:
Experience and expertise

Strategist, networker and advisor

Personal leadership requirements:
Entrepreneurial thinking and acting, value-based leadership, teamwork skills, responsibility taking and decision making

Empathy and communication:
Sensitivity for people, the cause, for goals and situations, encouraging, developing and coaching employees, mediation expertise

Commitment and resilience:
Being a role model, acting in a goal-oriented and objective manner

Active at regional, national, European and international levels

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